Re: [PATCH] crypto: virtio-crypto: call finalize with bh disabled

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On Tue, 26 Sep 2023 13:13:51 -0400
"Michael S. Tsirkin" <mst@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > On the other hand virtio_airq_handler() calls vring_interrupt() with
> > interrupts enabled. (While vring_interrupt() is called in a (read)
> > critical section in virtio_airq_handler() we use read_lock() and
> > not read_lock_irqsave() to grab the lock. Whether that is correct in
> > it self (i.e. disregarding the crypto problem) or not I'm not sure right
> > now. Will think some more about it tomorrow.) If the way to go forward
> > is disabling interrupts in virtio-ccw before vring_interrupt() is
> > called, I would be glad to spin a patch for that.
> > 
> > Copying Conny, as she may have an opinion on this (if I'm not wrong she
> > authored that code).
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Halil  
> On a related note, config change callback is also handled incorrectly
> in this driver, it takes a mutex from interrupt context.

Thanks Michael! I intend to give Connie a little more time to chime in.
Assumed no controversies emerge I intend  to cook up two patches for
the two issues later during the day.

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