Re: [PATCH vhost v6 08/11] virtio_ring: introduce virtqueue_dma_dev()

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On Mon, Apr 10, 2023 at 01:14:13PM +0800, Jason Wang wrote:
> > But rethink, this is unreliable. Some platforms have returned their own ops,
> > including X86.
> >
> > Because the priority of dev->dma_ops is higher than get_arch_dma_ops(), we
> > should not let dev->dma_ops be null. We should define a set of dma_ops to
> > actively implement direct dMA.
> Then this will duplicate with existing DMA API helpers. Could we tweak
> the sparc or introduce a new flag for the device structure then the
> DMA API knows it needs to use direct mapping?
> Adding Christoph for more comments.

Code outside of the core kernel/dma/ code has no business doing
anything with the dma_ops.  WTF is going on?
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