Re: [PATCH v6] virtio: add VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA feature support

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> > This function is used by virtio_vdpa as well (drivers/virtio/virtio_vdpa.c:virtio_vdpa_finalize_features).
> > A vDPA device can offer this feature and it will be accepted, even though VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA is not a thing for the vDPA transport at the moment.
> >
> > I don't know if this is bad, since offering VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA is meaningless for a vDPA device at the moment.
> >
> > I submitted a patch adding support for vDPA transport.
> >
> Hmm.  So it seems we need to first apply yours then this patch,
> is that right? Or the other way around? What is the right way to make it not break bisect?

My patch should be applied on top of Viktor's, it uses one of the functions created by Viktor: vring_notification_data.
Viktor's patch without mine won't break bisect, it will just accept the feature for a virtio_vdpa without any meaning.

> Do you mind including this patch with yours in a patchset
> in the correct order?

Viktor, since you did most of the work here, maybe you want to create the patchset?
I can do it myself if you prefer so.

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