[PATCH vhost 00/10] virtio core prepares for AF_XDP

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XDP socket(AF_XDP) is an excellent bypass kernel network framework. The zero
copy feature of xsk (XDP socket) needs to be supported by the driver. The
performance of zero copy is very good.

ENV: Qemu with vhost.

                   vhost cpu | Guest APP CPU |Guest Softirq CPU | PPS
xmit by sockperf:     90%    |   100%        |                  |  318967
xmit by xsk:          100%   |   30%         |   33%            | 1192064
recv by sockperf:     100%   |   68%         |   100%           |  692288
recv by xsk:          100%   |   33%         |   43%            |  771670

Before achieving the function of Virtio-Net, we also have to let virtio core
support these features:

1. virtio core support premapped
2. virtio core support reset per-queue
3. introduce DMA APIs to virtio core

Please review.


Xuan Zhuo (10):
  virtio_ring: split: refactor virtqueue_add_split() for premapped
  virtio_ring: packed: separate prepare code from
  virtio_ring: packed: refactor virtqueue_add_packed() for premapped
  virtio_ring: split: introduce virtqueue_add_split_premapped()
  virtio_ring: packed: introduce virtqueue_add_packed_premapped()
  virtio_ring: introduce virtqueue_add_inbuf_premapped()
  virtio_ring: add api virtio_dma_map() for advance dma
  virtio_ring: introduce dma sync api for virtio
  virtio_ring: correct the expression of the description of
  virtio_ring: introduce virtqueue_reset()

 drivers/virtio/virtio_ring.c | 792 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 include/linux/virtio.h       |  29 ++
 2 files changed, 659 insertions(+), 162 deletions(-)


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