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Hi ,

Thank you a lot!

Here is the output from stdout:
UVC: IO method requested is USER_PTR
uvc device is dwc3-gadget on bus gadget
uvc open succeeded, file descriptor = 3

I am using XILINIX Ultra Scale+.

Do you any suggest?

Thank you,

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Sent: Monday, March 27, 2023 10:04 AM
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Hello Lidor

On 24/03/2023 21:30, Lidor Elkais wrote:
> Hi,
> i am using your uvc-gadget application(from your git-hub).

Anything from Github will be a fork, we haven't hosted the project there. In that case (depending on the specific fork) it may be either out of date (because we did quite some work recently) or else contain a lot of work that wasn't done by us. I'll still try to help, but it'll be easier if you're using the main repo since that's the one I'm familiar with, could you give it a try please:

> i have an issue, if you can help it will be great.
> i did shell script in order to configure the gadget(attached), when i am running your uvc app, the computer(windows - I connected via USB-Host) says "usb not recognized(set address failed)"
The script looks ok, can you share the output from stdout on the device when you run the application please? What's the hardware that you're running the uvc-gadget program on?
> the option for your app are below:
> ./uvc.elf -d -i P720.jpg -u /dev/video1 -r 0 -f 1 -o 1
> Uvc.elf - is your uvc-gadget application, I just compiled the files 
> with my environment(Vitis)

And indeed the options here look like they're from wlhe's fork.



> please help me,
> thanks,
> Lidor
> Lidor Elkais
> R&D Group, V&V Engineer
> 2 Negev St., Airport City
> 9546303, Israel
> Mobile: +972.52.547.4211
> lelkais@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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