Re: [RFC PATCH v4 00/36] Fuse-BPF and plans on merging with Fuse Passthrough

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On 4/1/24 16:43, Amir Goldstein wrote:
>> Can you not read/write without interacting with the server? Or do you
>> mean FOPEN_DIRECT_IO sends some file ops to the server even in
>> passthrough mode?
> FOPEN_DIRECT_IO sends write() and read() to the server even in
> passthrough mode.
>> At the moment I'm tempted to follow the same
>> mechanics passthrough is using. The only exception would be possibly
>> tossing back to the server, which I mentioned above. That'd only
>> happen for, say, read, if we're not under FOPEN_DIRECT_IO. I've not
>> looked too closely at FOPEN_DIRECT_IO. In Fuse bpf we currently have
>> bpf mode taking priority. Are there any email threads I should look at
>> for more background there?
> Maybe this patch set:
> Bernd and I worked on it together as a prerequisite to fuse passthrough.
> Benrd has some followup direct_io re-factoring patches.

They are in this branch

Going to rebase it to 6.9 this week and will send it out then. I had
been rather occupied with with ddn internal work and didn't have the
time since February...


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