Re: [PATCH v3] ovl: mark xwhiteouts directory with overlay.opaque='x'

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On Mon, Jan 22, 2024 at 3:17 PM Alexander Larsson <alexl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I noticed you comment in composefs:
> >
> >  * 1 - Mark xwhitouts using the new opaque=x format as needed by
> > Linux 6.8
> >
> > Note that this "fix" is aimed to be backported to v6.7.y, so there is
> > no kernel
> > version that is expected to retain support for the old format.
> Yes, but the composefs format needs to be bitwise reproducible, and
> this change in the image will cause a different digest for the produced
> image, so we can't just change what we generate, it has to be opt in to
> users and able to reproduce previous versions.

I understand. I just meant that the comment about Linux 6.8 is a bit

I guess that composefs version 0 is a pre-release version, if we are
not counting v6.7 as a release that any distro is actually using...


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