[ANNOUNCE] libtracefs v1.7 is released

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libtracefs 1.7

Changes since libtracefs 1.6.4

New API:

 - tracefs_instance_reset() to reset a tracefs instance like trace-cmd reset

 - Added keyword stacktrace to tracefs_sql() to be able to pass and set
   stacktraces between events.

 - tracefs_instance_tracers() that shows the available traces for an instance.
   Currently there's only tracefs_tracers() which only give the top level
   tracers, but instances may have a limited set.

 - tracefs_synth_set_instance() to set the instance that does the work to make
   the synthetic event such that the histograms it uses does not affect the top
   level or other instance.

 - tracefs_find_cid_pid() helper used to map the main guest thread to a given
   vsocket CID.

 - tracefs_time_conversion() helper function that does a perf system call to
   find out what the multiplier and shift that the kernel uses to calculate
   nanoseconds from the CPU time stamp counter.

 - tracefs_kprobe_destory() used to complement tracefs_kprobe_raw() and
   tracefs_kretprobe_raw(), as those do not return descriptors that can be used
   to delete the kprobe and kretprobe.


 - Fixes to the tests.

 - Added meson build support (but it is not the default).



-- Steve

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