[ANNOUNCE] trace-cmd v3.2 is released

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trace-cmd: Version 3.2

Features and user visible updates since 3.1.6

 - Open coded the execvp() to not start tracing until the actual path of the
   executable is found. The trace no longer contains the failed execs of
   execvp() trying various paths.

 - Add global filter support to trace-cmd read. If the -F filter is placed
   before any -i file, it will be applied to all files. Otherwise the -F filter
   will only be applied to the last file specified.

 - Added new "attach" command that can take a trace.dat file created from the host
   at the same time a trace.dat file was created on one of its guests, and be
   able to set the meta data to hook them together like if it was done via
   trace-cmd agent. This is useful for boot time tracing.

Fixes since 3.1.6

 - Fix the way filters were applied to trace-cmd report with multiple trace.dat

 - Fixed trace-cmd extract to not extract the top level buffer unless
   specifically asked to. That is, "trace-cmd extract -B foo" will only extract
   the data from foo and not the top level buffer.

 - Fixed record and extract to not destroy specified instances if they were not
   created by the record or extract.

 - Add memory (valgrind) testing to utest.

 - Add meson build support (although it's not the default yet).



-- Steve

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