Having difficulty trying to cross-compile latest trace-cmd

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I've been using trace-cmd 2.9.1 from a yocto build but I want to try
out the sql synthetic events ultil and it looks like I need to go to
the latest to get that.

After reading this:


.... thanks Steven for rescuing the orphans but I guess I'm a
red-headded step child trying to cross-compile all of this (on Ubuntu
20.04 machine) for a iMX8MM SoC.  And you're right, Makefiles do suck!
 Especially ones you didn't write yourself and you try to figure out
what others were trying to do.

I'm struggling to cross-compile everything.

I checked out the latest libtraceevent and that cross-compiled ok (I'm
using a sdk I built from Yocto ex: source
/opt/poky.3.1.7/environment-setup-aarch64-poky-linux) but the install
wouldn't work until I used DESTDIR to point the install somewhere
other than Ubuntu directories.

I checked out libtracefs and it wouldn't build until I fooled around
and set TEST_LIBTRACEEVENT to point specifically to the
libtraceevent.pc file in the directory used in libtraceevent DISTDIR
path I set.

Once I got past that I started having issues with libtracefs failing
to find include files (event-parse.h, trace-seq.h etc.) that lived in
the libtraceevent repo.  I created a symlink for one of them but then
ran into others and gave up figuring I was going about this wrong way
and it was time to admit defeat and just ask how you cross compile
this without building packages for Ubuntu.



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