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Hi all,

We have just released the second bug-fix release of LTTng-tools 2.13 - Nordicité.
This release addresses a number of issues listed below.

2021-12-17 lttng-tools 2.13.2 (National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day)
	* Validate channel context mismatch across UST applications
	* Fix: relayd: compare viewer chunks by ID rather than address
	* Fix: relayd: live: erroneous message timestamp observed from live viewer
	* Fix: relayd comm: improperly packed rotate streams command header
	* Test: snapshot after regenerate metadata
	* Fix: ust-consumer: segfault on snapshot after regenerate metadata
	* lttng: list valid condition / action names if missing or unknown
	* lttng: mention argument number on unknown action / condition name
	* lttng: fix argument numbers in add-trigger error messages
	* argpar-utils: tweak unknown option error message
	* argpar: sync with upstream - adjust to iterator API
	* common: move append_str to string-utils
	* lttng-create(1): specify that `--shm-path` only applies to UST channels
	* Fix: sessiond: action-executor: misquoted strings in logging
	* Tests: live kernel: no plan printed when non-root
	* Fix: sessiond: assert on lttng_ht_add_unique_str on ltt_sessions_ht_by_name
	* Fix: sessiond: snapshot: leak of trace chunk
	* Fix: test: use BABELTRACE_BIN instead of babeltrace
	* Fix: action executor: ref count imbalance for session object
	* Fix: relayd: `!vsession->current_trace_chunk` assertion failed
	* Fix: tests: fix unused-but-set warning in test_fd_tracker.c
	* Fix: sessiond: fix possible buffer overflow warning
	* Fix: tests: app unregistering is not guaranteed by app lifetime
	* Fix: lttng-ctl: tracing_group memory leaks
	* Fix: use <unistd.h> instead of <sys/unistd.h>
	* Fix: Tests: unchecked `close()` return value
	* Fix: relayd: live: mishandled initial null trace chunk
	* Fix: configure.ac: reporting SDT uprobe as a UST feature
	* Fix: Tests: leaking epoll fd
	* Typo: occurences -> occurrences

As always, please report any issue you may encounter to bugs.lttng.org
or on this mailing list.

Project website: https://lttng.org

Download link:

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