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Hi all, 

We have just released the first bug-fix release of LTTng-tools 2.13 - Nordicité. 
This release addresses a number of issues listed below. 

2021-10-18 lttng-tools 2.13.1 (National Chocolate Cupcake Day) 
* Fix: ust: app stuck on recv message during UST comm timeout scenario 
* Fix: ust: UST communication can return -EAGAIN 
* Fix: ust: segfault on lttng start on filter bytecode copy 
* Fix: sessiond: previously created channel cannot be enabled 
* Build fix: Missing message in LTTNG_DEPRECATED invocation 
* Fix: notification-thread: handling event from a removed tracer event src 
* include: add missing "extern" 
* include: remove spurious spaces in condition/session-rotation.h 
* tests: fix header of regression/ust/getcpu-override/run-getcpu-override 
* fix: wrong define used for GCC version check 
* Fix: userspace-probe: unreported error on string copy error 
* Fix: userspace-probe: truncating binary path for SDT 
* Fix: lttng: add-trigger: don't provide a default event rule type 
* Fix: statements with side-effects in assert statements 
* Fix: lttng_trace_archive_location_serialize is called on freed memory 
* Fix: sessiond: ust session is inactive during ust_app_global_update 
* Fix: common: error query for trigger action protocol error 
* Fix: common: un-hide two rate policy functions 
* Fix: include: remove unneeded declaration of lttng_session_descriptor_get_session_name 
* Fix: Tests: race condition in test_ns_contexts_change 
* Fix: Tests: race condition in test_event_tracker 
* Fix: man: lttng-rotate: trace file count/size limitation does not apply 
* Fix: runas: less-than-zero comparison of an unsigned value 
* Fix: runas: supplementary groups are ignored on lttng save 
* Docs: lttng-event-rule(7): --exclude does not exist, use --exclude-name 
* sessiond: logging typo: {triger, triggger} -> trigger 
* Fix: lttng: free sessions in cmd_destroy 
* Fix: lttng: free domains and channels in get_session_stats_str 

As always, please report any issue you may encounter to bugs.lttng.org 
or on this mailing list. 

Project website: https://lttng.org 

Download link: 

GPG signature: 

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