Re: [RFC PATCH] libtraceevent: Increase libtraceevent logging when verbose

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On Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:08:32 +0200
Jiri Olsa <jolsa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Michael did the libtraceevent detection and dynamic linking support:
> I think we should have that in Fedora/RHEL rpms already, or it's on the way.
> The detection code could be change to contain things we need.

Or it can also be changed to export the version too?

LIBTRACEEVENT_VERSION = $(shell pkg-config --modversion libtraceevent | perl -e '$ver=<>; @v=split /,/,$ver; printf "%d\n", $v[0] * 255 * 255 | $v[1] * 255 | $v[2];')


Then in C have:

#define VERSION(a,b,c) ((a)*255*255|(b)*255|(c))


To test if the libtraceevent feature is available?

-- Steve

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