[ANNOUNCE] trace-cmd 2.9.2

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I'm happy to announce trace-cmd version 2.9.2!

*** NOTICE ***

This is the last version that is self contained for interacting
with the tracefs directory and parsing the events.

The parsing of events is now a separate repository:


And the access to the tracefs directory is here:


After this release, trace-cmd will depend on those repositories and
its internal copies will be removed. Please install those libraries
for future building of trace-cmd.

*** NOTICE 2 ***

KernelShark is now in its own repository (and will depend on libtracecmd
in this repo, but has not been officially released just yet, but soon!).
This is the last version that will home KernelShark in this repository.

KernelShark now lives here:


After this release, "make gui" will no longer build KernelShark.


Features and user visible updates since 2.9.1:

- Will use system libraries libtraceevent and libtracefs if they are
  present and will only build the local versions if they are not.

- The saved comms are stored at the end of running a trace-cmd record
  to be able to get the names of what is running after they ran.

- trace-cmd clear is now instance aware.

- New trace-cmd report --ts-check option to check if timestamps are

- New "make uninstall" to remove an installed instance of trace-cmd
  executables and libraries.

- Added make-trace-cmd.sh script as a template on how to install the
  libraries and executables.

For more information, please visit https://www.trace-cmd.org.

-- Steve

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