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Hi all,

The second bug-fix release of LTTng-tools 2.12 - (Ta) Meilleure has
just been released. This release addresses a number of issues listed

2020-08-03 lttng-tools 2.12.2 (National Watermelon Day)
	* Tests: rework tracefile_count test to meet the tracefile count limit
	* Fix: extraneous empty/inactive flush on rotation out of a trace chunk
	* Fix: relayd: double unlock on viewer stream creation error
	* Fix: relayd: live connection fails to open file during clear
	* Fix: relayd: wrong stream type used in DBG statement
	* Fix: lttng: leak of userspace probe path on listing
	* Fix: uprobe: missing error code on allocation failure
	* Fix: sessiond: don't negate error code on list error
	* Fix: send/received actual size is overwritten by 'expected' size
	* Fix: partial recv lead to client disconnect
	* tests: return the proper TAP exit code
	* Tests: live/test_{lttng_,}kernel: use lttng_test_filter_event instead of sched_switch
	* Fix: consumer: Move sanity check within `consumer_subbuffer` functions
	* Fix: sessiond: wrong variable checked for error code
	* Fix: consumerd: double unlock on rotate channel error path
	* Fix: consumerd: packet sent before channel rotation
	* Fix: relayd: wrong specifier used in DBG format string
	* Tests: add a "new metadata after clear" test
	* Fix: relayd: send_viewer_streams sends stack data in padding
	* Fix: stream intersection fails on snapshot of cleared session
	* Fix: relayd: viewer metadata is not rotated after a session clear
	* Fix: post-clear trace chunk has a late beginning packet
	* Fix: kconsumer: missing wait for metadata thread in do_sync_metadata
	* Fix: tests: interrupting get_next_notification causes test to fail
	* Fix: consumer.c: wrong order of parameter in `DBG()` statement
	* Fix: consumer: dangling chunk on buffer allocation failure
	* Fix: consumerd: uninitialized written_bytes on no-data sleep
	* Build fix: consumerd misnamed label
	* consumerd: on_sleep not called on stream when no data is available
	* Fix: invalid discarded events on start/stop without event production
	* tests: truncate metadata file for regenerate metadata test
	* Fix: consumerd: user space metadata not regenerated
	* tests: gen-ust-events-ns/tp.h: Fix build with musl libc
	* Fix: tests: output_dir contains the consumerd pipe
	* Fix: unix: don't PERROR on EAGAIN for non-blocking sockets
	* Fix: sessiond: sessiond and agent deadlock on destroy
	* Fix: incorrect specifier %lu used with size_t argument
	* Fix: consumerd: live client receives incomplete metadata
	* consumerd: refactor: split read_subbuf into sub-operations
	* consumerd: move rotation logic to domain-agnostic read path
	* sessiond: enforce mmap output type for kernel metadata channel
	* consumerd: tag metadata channel as being part of a live session
	* consumerd: pass channel instance to stream creation function
	* consumerd: cleanup: use buffer view interface for mmap read subbuf
	* consumerd: move address computation from on_read_subbuffer_mmap
	* consumerd: refactor: combine duplicated check_*_functions
	* Add lttng_dynamic_buffer_append_view util
	* Fix: lttng: Destroying session message repeated during destruction
	* Fix: liblttng-ctl: leak of tracker handle in lttng_[un]track_pid
	* Fix: common: fs_handle_seek returns negative value on success
	* Fix: common: abort on rotation after time manipulation
	* Tests: test_exclusion: exclusion after tracing active
	* Tests: `gen-ust-nevents`: add syncpoints
	* Tests: accept built-in kernel modules

As always, please report any issue you may encounter to bugs.lttng.org
or on this mailing list.

Project website: https://lttng.org

Download link:

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