Re: Wrong Perf Backtraces

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On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 05:50:27PM +0430, ahmadkhorrami wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all, many thanks for your time. Did you say that the first file has
> problems?
> The first file ( has repeated gmallocn()s while
> the second ( also has problems with unmatched
> (not necessarily repeated) function calls. I am not sure if the kernel for
> the second one is 5.4.7 or the generic Ubuntu kernel. But the first one is
> certainly 5.4.7. Just to be clear, there were many instances of these
> unmatched <caller, callees>.

I can se all the files, but I just can't see the issue yet
but it's probably because of issues with perf archive..

let's see if somebody else can chime in

> I have a simple python script that checks for this situation. It
> disassembles functions using GDB and checks the (directly called) target of
> each caller. I will put some comments in the script and upload it. Could you
> check to see if the python script detects any mismatches in your backtraces?
> It takes the perf script output file as input. I will upload the script in
> an hour.



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