Submit to the Tracing Microconference at Linux Plumbers 2019

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Hi folks,

There will be a Tracing microconference this year at Linux Plumbers.
Linux Plumbers ( will be held in Lisbon,
Portugal from September 9-11. The Tracing MC will be approximately a
four hour session focused on improving the Linux tracing infrastructure.

If there's a subject you would like to discuss at this microconference,
please submit a topic and abstract here:

Select "Submit new proposal"

Fill out the title, the content and who will be leading the session,
then select the "Tracing MC topic" track and hit "Submit". Of course
you will also need to agree to follow the anti-harassment policy.

Remember, we are looking for discussions on improving tracing within
Linux. You can have up to 5 (maybe 7) minutes of presentation to bring
the audience up to speed with the issues at hand, but then the rest of
the time will be dedicated to discussion on how to solve and/or
implement the solution.

All submissions should be in by August 2, and I will hopefully be able
to decided what to discuss by August 9.

Even if you don't submit a topic, I hope to see you there to discuss
Linux tracing at Linux Plumbers in Lisbon.


-- Steve

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