increase size of number of possible tracing events

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I am trying to develop a patch which increases the maximum number of
possible tracing events (i.e. TRACE_EVENT_TYPE_MAX). I naively tried
changing unsigned short trace_entry::type to unsigned int (that simply
broke tracing).

Short background: I am placing a UProbe tracepoint at the start of
every basic block for every DSO in a dynamically-linked program. I
recently hit the ceiling for the maximum number of tracepoints with

/usr/bin/dnsmasq:            12826 basic blocks
/usr/lib/          60511 basic blocks
/lib64/ 6270 basic blocks             36 basic blocks

Writing to /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/uprobe_events returns -ENODEV. If
anyone could provide some guidance towards raising the limit, it would
be much appreciated.


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