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Cool ! Steven :)
On 12:20 Thu 13 Jun , Steven Rostedt wrote:

Finally, after a long time, trace-cmd version 2.8 is released!

This will give us a path to release KernelShark 1.0 (after we fix a few
more bugs).


-- Steve

Features since 2.7:

o Restructure of the source directory layout

o Loading of plugins from build directory (over other locations)

o trace-cmd reset updates (restores more, and keeps tracing_on enabled)

o trace-cmd stat shows more information about the state of ftrace

o Better accuracy with trace-cmd record --date

o Version of executable now saved in trace.dat file
   trace-cmd report --version, will show that version

o trace-cmd listen has a V3 protocal (V2 is no longer used)
   This is a big step toward a virt-server implementation

o trace-cmd record --no-filter option added to not filter out
   the trace-cmd tasks while tracing.

o Better bash completion for trace-cmd commands

o The "mono" clock is shown now in seconds

o --max-graph-depth can be used by instances

And of course a ton of fixes and clean ups.

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