Re: [Patch v2 1/2] cpufreq: tegra194: save CPU data to avoid repeated SMP calls

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On 01/09/23 23:28, Jon Hunter wrote:

On 01/09/2023 17:41, Sumit Gupta wrote:
Currently, we make SMP call on every frequency set request to get the
physical 'CPU ID' and 'CLUSTER ID' for the target CPU. This change
optimizes the repeated calls by storing the physical IDs and the per
core frequency register offset for all CPUs during boot. Later this
info is used directly when required to set the frequency or read it
from ACTMON counters.

Signed-off-by: Sumit Gupta <sumitg@xxxxxxxxxx>

You should list the changes you made in V2 under the above '---' so it is clear to the reviewers what has changed. I believe in this case you simply change the subject but please clarify.


Yes, only changed the subject. There is no other change.
Sorry, forgot to mention.

Thank you,
Sumit Gupta

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