[PATCH 0/6] spi: struct spi_device constification

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	Hi all,

After noticing new cases of casting away constness, I went over all
spi_get_*() functions and their callers, and made the following changes:
  1. Make all pointer parameters const where possible,
  2. Remove unneeded casts, some not even related to constness.

Patches 1-5 do not have any dependencies.
Patch 6 depends on patch 5 (and current spi/for-next).

Thanks for your comments!

Geert Uytterhoeven (6):
  mfd: rsmu_spi: Remove unneeded casts of void *
  spi: fsl-dspi: Remove unneeded cast to same type
  spi: Constify spi_get_ctldata()'s spi parameter
  spi: Constify spi_get_drvdata()'s spi parameter
  spi: Constify spi parameters of chip select APIs
  spi: sh-msiof: Remove casts to drop constness

 drivers/mfd/rsmu_spi.c     | 4 ++--
 drivers/spi/spi-fsl-dspi.c | 2 +-
 drivers/spi/spi-sh-msiof.c | 4 ++--
 include/linux/spi/spi.h    | 8 ++++----
 4 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)




Geert Uytterhoeven -- There's lots of Linux beyond ia32 -- geert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In personal conversations with technical people, I call myself a hacker. But
when I'm talking to journalists I just say "programmer" or something like that.
							    -- Linus Torvalds

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