Re: [PATCH] spi: tegra210-quad: Fix iterator outside loop

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On Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 10:36:18AM +0000, Krishna Yarlagadda wrote:

> > > > > -	if (!xfer->cs_change) {
> > > > > -		tegra_qspi_transfer_end(spi);
> > > > > -		spi_transfer_delay_exec(xfer);
> > > > > -	}
> > updating the length of the message.
> > > > This looks like it'll do the wrong thing and do a change on every
> > > > transfer if cs_change isn't set?

> > > This condition is hit only in data phase which is end of message.

> > Shouldn't this just be moved into the DATA_TRANSFER case statement?
> Calling transfer_end after updating message length.

Something seems to be mangled with your quoting/new text here so it's a
bit unclear what you're saying here but if you're saying that this is
due to needing to call tegra_qspi_transfer_end() after updating the
length I'm not sure why - AFAICT that function doesn't reference the
transfer length at all, it just writes out a command to configure the
chip select?  There's no issue with the message being finalised since
that happens in the caller.

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