Re: [PATCH v2 00/17] net: introduce Qualcomm IPA driver

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There is a n:1 relationship between rmnet and IPA.
rmnet does the de-muxing to multiple netdevs based on the mux id
in the MAP header for RX packets and vice versa.

Oh, so you mean that even though IPA supports multiple channels
and multiple netdev instances for a physical device, all the
rmnet devices end up being thrown into a single channel in IPA?

What are the other channels for in IPA? I understand that there
is one channel for commands that is separate, while the others
are for network devices, but that seems to make no sense if
we only use a single channel for rmnet data.

AFAIK, the other channels are for use cases like tethering.
There is only a single channel which is used for RX
data which is then de-muxed using rmnet.

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