Re: [PATCH v3 1/7] dt-bindings: clock: qcom: Introduce QCOM WCSS Q6DSP clock bindings

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On 2018-12-18 01:03, Stephen Boyd wrote:
Quoting Govind Singh (2018-12-15 02:35:51)
Add device tree bindings for WiFi QDSP subsystem clock controls
found in OCS405 soc.

+- reg : shall contain base register address and size,
+                         in the order
+ Index-0 maps to WCSS_Q6SSTOP clocks register region
+                       Index-1 maps to WCSS_TCSR register region
+                       Index-2 maps to WCSS_QDSP6SS register region

Index 0, Index 1, Index 2? Not sure why there's a hyphen there.

Fixed in v4.

+Optional properties :
+- reg-names    : register names of WCSS domain
+                "wcss_q6sstop", "wcnss_tcsr", "wcss_qdsp6ss".
+The below node has to be defined in the cases where the WCSS peripheral loader
+would bring the subsystem out of reset.
+       clock_wcsscc: qcom,wcsscc@7000000 {


+               compatible = "qcom,qcs404-wcsscc";
+ reg = <0x07500000 0x4e000>, <0x07550000 0x8012>, <0x07400000 0x104>;

And then that unit address doesn't match the first offset so that needs
fixing too.

Fixed in V4.

+ reg-names = "wcss_q6sstop", "wcnss_tcsr", "wcss_qdsp6ss";
+               #clock-cells = <1>;
+       };


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