Re: [PATCH v5 02/14] ARC: startup and dynamic linking code

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On 4/17/20 3:42 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Apr 2020, Vineet Gupta via Libc-alpha wrote:
>> +/* What this code does:
>> +    -ldso starts execution here when kernel returns from execve()
>> +    -calls into generic ldso entry point _dl_start( )
> Avoid use of parentheses to indicate that a name is a function.


>> +auto inline void
>> +__attribute__ ((always_inline))
>> +elf_machine_rela_relative (ElfW(Addr) l_addr, const ElfW(Rela) *reloc,
>> +			   void *const reloc_addr_arg)
>> +{
>> +  ElfW(Addr) *const reloc_addr = reloc_addr_arg;
>> +  *reloc_addr += l_addr; // + reloc->r_addend;
> This comment seems unhelpful.  If you want to comment on the addend not 
> being added, write a comment that says *why* it's not being added, not 
> just a commented-out addition.

That's just leftover code from initial bringup, removed now.

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