Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] dt-bindings: Document the Synopsys ARC HDMI TX bindings

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On Tue, 14 Apr 2020 17:44:02 +0300, Eugeniy Paltsev wrote:
> This patch adds documentation of device tree bindings for the Synopsys
> HDMI 2.0 TX encoder driver for ARC SoCs.
> Signed-off-by: Eugeniy Paltsev <Eugeniy.Paltsev@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
>  .../display/bridge/snps,arc-dw-hdmi.yaml      | 131 ++++++++++++++++++
>  1 file changed, 131 insertions(+)
>  create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/snps,arc-dw-hdmi.yaml

My bot found errors running 'make dt_binding_check' on your patch:

/builds/robherring/linux-dt-review/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/snps,arc-dw-hdmi.example.dt.yaml: example-0: 'hdmi@0x10000' does not match any of the regexes: '.*-names$', '.*-supply$', '^#.*-cells$', '^#[a-zA-Z0-9,+\\-._]{0,63}$', '^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9,+\\-._]{0,63}$', '^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9,+\\-._]{0,63}@[0-9a-fA-F]+(,[0-9a-fA-F]+)*$', '^__.*__$', 'pinctrl-[0-9]+'
/builds/robherring/linux-dt-review/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/snps,arc-dw-hdmi.example.dt.yaml: hdmi@0x10000: 'interrupts' does not match any of the regexes: 'pinctrl-[0-9]+'


If you already ran 'make dt_binding_check' and didn't see the above
error(s), then make sure dt-schema is up to date:

pip3 install git+ --upgrade

Please check and re-submit.

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