Re: [PATCH V14] mm/debug: Add tests validating architecture page table helpers

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Le 04/03/2020 à 02:39, Qian Cai a écrit :

Below is slightly modified version of your change above and should still
prevent the bug on powerpc. Will it be possible for you to re-test this
? Once confirmed, will send a patch enabling this test on powerpc64
keeping your authorship. Thank you.

This works fine on radix MMU but I decided to go a bit future to test hash
MMU. The kernel will stuck here below. I did confirm that pte_alloc_map_lock()
was successful, so I don’t understand hash MMU well enough to tell why
it could still take an interrupt at pte_clear_tests() even before we calls

AFAIU, you are not taking an interrupt here. You are stuck in the pte_update(), most likely due to nested locks. Try with LOCKDEP ?


[   33.881515][    T1] ok 8 - property-entry
[   33.883653][    T1] debug_vm_pgtable: debug_vm_pgtable: Validating
architecture page table helpers
[   60.418885][    C8] watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#8 stuck for 23s!

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