Re: ELF_INITFINI for ARC (was Re: [PATCH] Introduce <elf-initfini.h> and ELF_INITFINI for all architectures)

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On 2/26/20 11:27 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:

> I haven't followed the ARC contribution process closely, sorry.  Do you
> plan to contribute the port with a GLIBC_2.32 ABI baseline, or do you
> want to support older binaries for an earlier non-upstream port,
> backdating the baseline?

No we don't need to support old binaries: 2.32 will be baseline

> This matters because in the GLIBC_2.32 case, old binaries will not work
> anyway, so we may as well require that they are rebuilt without
> DT_INIT/DT_FINI.  In this case, the glibc master defaults should work.

Understood !

> If you want to support old binaries (which use older symbol versions
> such as GLIBC_2.17), it may make sense to keep DT_INIT/DT_FINI support
> as well.  To achieve this, you need to add an <elf-initifini.h> header
> file with
> /* Enable DT_INIT/DT_FINI support.  */
> #define ELF_INITFINI 1
> and keep the crti.S and crtn.S files you already have.

Per the review comments on ARC port last year [1], I was advised to remove the ARC
specific crt*.S so those are anyhow gone.

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