Re: [PATCH] asm-generic ABI: Allow statx syscall despite fstatat64, fstat64

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* Vineet Gupta:

> On 2/24/20 11:13 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> * Vineet Gupta:
>>> On 2/24/20 10:39 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
>>>>> +# undef STAT64_IS_NOT_KERNEL_STAT64
>>>> Sorry, I think that going forward, we prefer that such macros are always
>>>> defined, with values 0 or 1 as appropriate.
>>> And that means we also need to additionally define this to 0 in all
>>> ports which don't end up including the generic header ?
>> Yes, or move the definition into its own header, with the default for
>> *future* architectures (not the majority of the current architectures)
>> in the header in the sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux directory.
> Adding a new file would seem too kludgy.

I think it's the preferred approach.  Here's a recent discussion that
looks at a few options in this space:


> Adding it to existing arch headers is still OK but then one needs to
> know what exact syscall ABI each arch has as even asm-generic ones
> differ depending on when the linux port was merged. And the only way
> to know that is to do a build for each arch or is there some
> documentation one could refer to.

In your case, the build should fail somewhere if there is a mismatch and
the #define is incorrect for a particular architecture.  In this case,
you can keep running and making tweaks to the
failing architectures until all failures are gone.


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