Re: [PATCH V14] mm/debug: Add tests validating architecture page table helpers

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On 02/17/2020 08:47 AM, Anshuman Khandual wrote:
> This adds a test validation for architecture exported page table helpers.
> Patch adds basic transformation tests at various levels of the page table.
> This test was originally suggested by Catalin during arm64 THP migration
> RFC discussion earlier. Going forward it can include more specific tests
> with respect to various generic MM functions like THP, HugeTLB etc and
> platform specific tests.
> Needs to be applied on linux V5.6-rc2
> Changes in V14:
> - Disabled DEBUG_VM_PGFLAGS for IA64 and ARM (32 Bit) per Andrew and Christophe
> - Updated DEBUG_VM_PGFLAGS documentation wrt EXPERT and disabled platforms
> - Updated RANDOM_[OR|NZ]VALUE open encodings with GENMASK() per Catalin
> - Updated s390 constraint bits from 12 to 4 (S390_MASK_BITS) per Gerald
> - Updated in-code documentation for RANDOM_ORVALUE per Gerald
> - Updated pxx_basic_tests() to use invert functions first per Catalin
> - Dropped ARCH_HAS_4LEVEL_HACK check from pud_basic_tests()
> - Replaced __ARCH_HAS_[4|5]LEVEL_HACK with __PAGETABLE_[PUD|P4D]_FOLDED per Catalin
> - Trimmed the CC list on the commit message per Catalin

Hello Andrew,

As there are no further comments on this patch from last week, wondering
if you would possibly consider this patch. But if you feel there is still
something which need to be taken care here, please do let me know.

Thank you.

- Anshuman

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