Re: [PATCH 00/50] Add log level to show_stack()

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Hi Sergey,

On 11/12/19 2:17 AM, Sergey Senozhatsky wrote:
> On (19/11/11 19:47), Dmitry Safonov wrote:
>> What I'm going to do - is to fix all build and reported issues, I'll
>> send v2 this week and feel free to NAK it, I will forget about those
>> patches and won't be offended.
> Lovely.
> And - no, I'm not going to NAK platform specific changes. Just so you know.
> *All* I'm talking about is an alternative, less "go and touch a ton of
> platform code" approach. The argument "I patched so many files that I'm
> not even going to discuss anything now" is not productive, to say the
> least. Hope this clarifies.

It probably was a wrong impression from the both sides.
My impression was "You touch every architecture - we won't even consider
that". Sorry for the the wrong impression from my side - I'm open for

In my point of view the cost of one-time [mostly build] testing every
architecture is cheaper than introducing some new smart code that will
live forever. Though, again you and Petr understand more than me in
printk() code, so I'm not any insisting.

I'll reply to your suggestion tomorrow, it's a bit late in my tz.


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