Re: [PATCH 11/21] asm-generic: don't provide ioremap for CONFIG_MMU

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Hi Palmer,

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 7:11 PM Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It looks like the difference in prototype between the architectures is between
>     void __iomem *ioremap(resource_size_t, size_t)
>     void __iomem *ioremap(phys_addr_t, size_t)
>     void __iomem *ioremap(phys_addr_t, unsigned long)
>     void __iomem *ioremap(unsigned long, unsigned long)
> shouldn't they all just be that first one?  In other words, wouldn't it be
> better to always provide the generic ioremap prototype and unify the ports
> instead?

Agreed. But I'd go for the second one.



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