generic ioremap (and lots of cleanups) v3

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Hi all,

the last patches in this series add a generic ioremap implementation,
and switch our 3 most recent and thus most tidy architeture ports over
to use it.  With a little work and an additional arch hook or two the
implementation should be able to eventually cover more than half of
our ports.

The patches before that clean up various lose ends in the ioremap
and iounmap implementations.

Note that there is no good tree this would fit, which means I'd set up
a tree to it to Linus unless someone has a better idea.

A git tree is also available here:

    git:// generic-ioremap


Changes since v2:
 - fix various typos
 - move the m68k __free_io_area around instead of introducing a forward

Changes since v1:
 - dropped various patches already merged
 - keep the parts of the parisc EISA hack that are still needed

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