RE: unexpected IO-APIC, 2.4.36 SMP, AMD dual core Opteron

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Thanks for the response. 

For now, we are stuck with running a 2.4 kernel. We have applications
that will not run under a 2.6 kernel with a current Red Hat software
release. Yes we did try but figured it was easier and safer to run 2.4
on the new hardware. 

We do plan to upgrade but it's going to take a year or 2 because of the
amount of code and the need to purchase new versions of COTS products,
testing and all that. In the meantime, these new machines need to run
the same applications as the other machines that we have.

I tried 2.4.36 because it was just released and improvements have been
incorporated from time to time.

NOTE: The kernel appears to run correctly in spite of the IO-APIC
message. So, it appears that the message is more of a warning than an
error? Possibly there is some degradation that I'm not aware of but the
system doesn't need to do a lot of IO.

The IO-APIC message does not occur with a 2.6 kernel. I have one of the
machines running with So, it  appears to be 2.4 related. I
assume that's why you suggested the "live CD"

For this build I specified the Athlon processor, which is the same as I
specified for the 2.6 kernel. I'll try  the Opteron and possibly a more
generic type to see what happens.


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Tuynman, William (JSC-DT/USA)[USA] wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I have been getting this "An unexpected IO-APIC was found"
message. In checking, it occurs on 2.4.34 also.
> 	The kernel was compiled for 32 bit execution and is running on
an AMD dual core Opteron. The machine is an HP Proliant, DL 585.
> I'm attaching, as text, a portion of the messages file which contains
all of the boot information.
> I would be happy to assist with providing additional information that
would be helpful to you.
The first question I have is, why are you running a 2.4 kernel on a
modern CPU? I suspect the SMP logic in 2.4.26 is a decade older than the
hardware. SMP was pretty unusual then, multi-core was just not an end
user feature. I don't doubt that the IO-APIC may have unsupported

Might I suggest that you boot off a recent "live CD" like Fedora or
Puppy Linux, just to see if you still see a problem. If not, you will
have more information to evaluate your next step.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@xxxxxxx>
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  be valid when the war is over..." Otto von Bismark 

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