Re: unexpected IO-APIC

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On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 04:37:45PM -0400, Danielle Hines wrote:
> I received this messge in the /var/log/messages after having some  
> problems with NFS mounts and samba.


> Now I know you need to know about the hardware.  It is a i686 with 4  
> processors 1.8 Tb of space, it is running a modified redhat linux  
> flavor:
> uname -a
> Linux minnie 2.4.19-122_MVD_SNAPenterprise #1 SMP Fri Aug 20 15:51:56  
> CST 2004 i686 unknown

Ancient vendor kernel, not interesting anymore. Probably already fixed
in recent kernels. If you have the chance, try a more recent kernel. If
everything just works, don't bother.


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