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Urs Thuermann wrote:

I'd like to know what is the difference between a system with a dual
core CPU compared to two (single core) CPUs.  I know dual core means
two CPUs on one chip, but is it really two complete CPUs or do they
share some component which is used by both CPU cores?

For example HT duplicates only those parts of CPU which hold the state
of the program in execution (i.e. program counter, registers, etc.)
but they share the execution logic which often leads to performance
Is there some performance difference between dual core and two real
CPUs, too?  I assume the dual cores on one chip must share the bus
interface, but since in a multi CPU system only one CPU can access the
bus at a time, I think this doesn't make a performance difference,

Can anybody give some clarifiactions on these issue?

The bad part is that the cores share a bus connection, the good part is that it appears that some IPC can be done on chip.

RELATED: has anyone done a measurements on the 955 chip, which is dual core and HT? On heavily threaded or parallel tasks I find 20-30% drop in clock time for HT processors, but I wonder if the CPU runs out of memory bandwidth. My standard test is a kernel compile.

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