[PATCH net-next] sctp: Remove unused declaration sctp_backlog_migrate()

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Commit 61c9fed41638 ("[SCTP]: A better solution to fix the race between sctp_peeloff()
and sctp_rcv().") removed the implementation but left declaration in place. Remove it.

Signed-off-by: Yue Haibing <yuehaibing@xxxxxxxxxx>
 include/net/sctp/sctp.h | 2 --
 1 file changed, 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/net/sctp/sctp.h b/include/net/sctp/sctp.h
index 2a67100b2a17..a2310fa995f6 100644
--- a/include/net/sctp/sctp.h
+++ b/include/net/sctp/sctp.h
@@ -148,8 +148,6 @@ void sctp_icmp_redirect(struct sock *, struct sctp_transport *,
 void sctp_icmp_proto_unreachable(struct sock *sk,
 				 struct sctp_association *asoc,
 				 struct sctp_transport *t);
-void sctp_backlog_migrate(struct sctp_association *assoc,
-			  struct sock *oldsk, struct sock *newsk);
 int sctp_transport_hashtable_init(void);
 void sctp_transport_hashtable_destroy(void);
 int sctp_hash_transport(struct sctp_transport *t);

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