Re: [PATCH v2 00/14] sysctl: Add a size argument to register functions in sysctl

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> Joel Granados (14):
>   sysctl: Prefer ctl_table_header in proc_sysctl
>   sysctl: Use ctl_table_header in list_for_each_table_entry
>   sysctl: Add ctl_table_size to ctl_table_header
>   sysctl: Add size argument to init_header
>   sysctl: Add a size arg to __register_sysctl_table
>   sysctl: Add size to register_sysctl
>   sysctl: Add size arg to __register_sysctl_init

This is looking great thanks, I've taken the first 7 patches above
to sysctl-next to get more exposure / testing and since we're already
on rc4.

Since the below patches involve more networking I'll wait to get
more feedback from networking folks before merging them.

>   sysctl: Add size to register_net_sysctl function
>   ax.25: Update to register_net_sysctl_sz
>   netfilter: Update to register_net_sysctl_sz
>   networking: Update to register_net_sysctl_sz
>   vrf: Update to register_net_sysctl_sz
>   sysctl: SIZE_MAX->ARRAY_SIZE in register_net_sysctl
>   sysctl: Use ctl_table_size as stopping criteria for list macro


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