RE: [PATCH 1/1] net: ioctl: Use kernel memory on protocol ioctl callbacks

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From: Breno Leitao
> Sent: 19 May 2023 14:58
> Most of the ioctls to net protocols operates directly on userspace
> argument (arg). Usually doing get_user()/put_user() directly in the
> ioctl callback.  This is not flexible, because it is hard to reuse these
> functions without passing userspace buffers.
> Change the "struct proto" ioctls to avoid touching userspace memory and
> operate on kernel buffers, i.e., all protocol's ioctl callbacks is
> adapted to operate on a kernel memory other than on userspace (so, no
> more {put,get}_user() and friends being called in the ioctl callback).
> This changes the "struct proto" ioctl format in the following way:
>     int                     (*ioctl)(struct sock *sk, int cmd,
> -                                        unsigned long arg);
> +                                        int *karg);

I think I'd add a karg_len field for the actual buffer length.
It will save embarrassment later on.

Do any of the ioctl functions return +ve values on success?
If not you can use the return value as the length for any

If all the current 'cmd' are 16bit, there is the option
of using 32bit IOR() etc commands to get automatic sizing.


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