Re: [PATCH net v4] sctp: fix a potential OOB access in sctp_sched_set_sched()

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On Wed, 3 May 2023 13:37:59 +0000 Gavrilov Ilia wrote:
> The 'sched' index value must be checked before accessing an element
> of the 'sctp_sched_ops' array. Otherwise, it can lead to OOB access.
> Note that it's harmless since the 'sched' parameter is checked before
> calling 'sctp_sched_set_sched'.

Not a fix, so it needs to wait for net-next to open, see below.
When you repost please do so separately, not in the existing thread.

## Form letter - net-next-closed

The merge window for v6.3 has begun and therefore net-next is closed
for new drivers, features, code refactoring and optimizations.
We are currently accepting bug fixes only.

Please repost when net-next reopens after May 8th.

RFC patches sent for review only are obviously welcome at any time.

pw-bot: defer

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