Re: [PATCH v1] ufs: core: adjust config_scsi_dev usage

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On Tue, 2024-02-20 at 09:17 -0800, Bart Van Assche wrote:
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>  On 2/20/24 01:42, wrote:
> > Adjust the usage of config_scis_dev to mach the existing usage of
> > other vops in ufs driver.
> I'm not sure the above is sufficient as motivation to make this
> change.
> Why to introduce the helper function ufshcd_vops_config_scsi_dev()
> since it
> only has one caller? Is this patch really an improvement of the UFS
> driver
> code base?
> Thanks,
> Bart.

Hi Bart,

This help function is designed to assist users eliminating the check.
Formalize the usage can make the code more concise and easier to read.
Such as ufshcd_vops_init/ufshcd_vops_exit is also only one caller.
Besides, it also need a comment of config_scsi_dev in ufshcd.h

This patch dose not alter the logic, it simply makes the code easier to
use and read. Pkease consider merging it. 


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