Re: megaraid_sas: multiple FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE causes timeouts and resets on MegaRAID 9560-8i 4GB since 5.19

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On Thu, Feb 15, 2024 at 01:42:35PM -0500, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
> I'd appreciate it if you could test the patch Bart referred you to.
> > I am reported that bisect found this commit to cause above mentioned
> > problem:
> Also, I would like to understand why things fail as a result of the
> original change.
> Could you please send me the output of:
> # sg_readcap -l /dev/sdc
> # sg_vpd -l /dev/sdc
> # sg_vpd -p 0xb0 /dev/sdc
> # sg_vpd -p 0xb1 /dev/sdc
> # sg_vpd -p 0xb2 /dev/sdc

Here it is:

  # sg_readcap -l /dev/sdc
  Read Capacity results:
     Protection: prot_en=0, p_type=0, p_i_exponent=0
     Logical block provisioning: lbpme=0, lbprz=0
     Last LBA=3907029167 (0xe8e088af), Number of logical blocks=3907029168
     Logical block length=512 bytes
     Logical blocks per physical block exponent=0
     Lowest aligned LBA=0
     Device size: 2000398934016 bytes, 1907729.1 MiB, 2000.40 GB, 2.00 TB

  # sg_vpd -l /dev/sdc
  Supported VPD pages VPD page:
     [PQual=0  Peripheral device type: disk]
    0x00  Supported VPD pages [sv]
    0x80  Unit serial number [sn]
    0x83  Device identification [di]
    0x87  Mode page policy [mpp]
    0x89  ATA information (SAT) [ai]
    0x8a  Power condition [pc]
    0xb0  Block limits (SBC) [bl]
    0xb1  Block device characteristics (SBC) [bdc]
    0xb2  Logical block provisioning (SBC) [lbpv]
    0xb6  Zoned block device characteristics [zbdch]

  # sg_vpd -p 0xb0 /dev/sdc
  Block limits VPD page (SBC):
    Write same non-zero (WSNZ): 1
    Maximum compare and write length: 0 blocks [Command not implemented]
    Optimal transfer length granularity: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Maximum transfer length: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Optimal transfer length: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Maximum prefetch transfer length: 0 blocks [ignored]
    Maximum unmap LBA count: 0 [Unmap command not implemented]
    Maximum unmap block descriptor count: 0 [Unmap command not implemented]
    Optimal unmap granularity: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Unmap granularity alignment valid: false
    Unmap granularity alignment: 0 [invalid]
    Maximum write same length: 0xffff blocks
    Maximum atomic transfer length: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Atomic alignment: 0 [unaligned atomic writes permitted]
    Atomic transfer length granularity: 0 [no granularity requirement
    Maximum atomic transfer length with atomic boundary: 0 blocks [not reported]
    Maximum atomic boundary size: 0 blocks [can only write atomic 1 block]

  # sg_vpd -p 0xb1 /dev/sdc
  Block device characteristics VPD page (SBC):
    Nominal rotation rate: 7200 rpm
    Product type: Not specified
    Nominal form factor: 3.5 inch
    DEPOPULATION_TIME=0 (seconds)

  # sg_vpd -p 0xb2 /dev/sdc
  Logical block provisioning VPD page (SBC):
    Unmap command supported (LBPU): 0
    Write same (16) with unmap bit supported (LBPWS): 0
    Write same (10) with unmap bit supported (LBPWS10): 0
    Logical block provisioning read zeros (LBPRZ): 0
    Anchored LBAs supported (ANC_SUP): 0
    Threshold exponent: 0 [threshold sets not supported]
    Descriptor present (DP): 0
    Minimum percentage: 0 [not reported]
    Provisioning type: 0 (not known or fully provisioned)
    Threshold percentage: 0 [percentages not supported]

About the patch it will be tested later today.


> Thanks!
> -- 
> Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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