Re: [PATCH v3 14/15] nvme: Support atomic writes

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On 14/02/2024 12:27, Nilay Shroff wrote:
Support reading atomic write registers to fill in request_queue


Use following method to calculate limits:

atomic_write_max_bytes = flp2(NAWUPF ?: AWUPF)

You still need to fix that mail client to not add extra blank lines.

atomic_write_unit_min = logical_block_size

atomic_write_unit_max = flp2(NAWUPF ?: AWUPF)

atomic_write_boundary = NABSPF

In case the device doesn't support namespace atomic boundary size (i.e. NABSPF

is zero) then while merging atomic block-IO we should allow merge.

For example, while front/back merging the atomic block IO, we check whether

boundary is defined or not. In case if boundary is not-defined (i.e. it's zero)

then we simply reject merging ateempt (as implemented in


Are you sure about that? In rq_straddles_atomic_write_boundary(), if boundary == 0, then we return false, i.e. there is no boundary, so we can never be crossing it.

static bool rq_straddles_atomic_write_boundary(struct request *rq,
unsigned int front,
unsigned int back)
	unsigned int boundary = queue_atomic_write_boundary_bytes(rq->q);
	unsigned int mask, imask;
	loff_t start, end;

	if (!boundary)
		return false;


And then will not reject a merge for that reason, like:

int ll_back_merge_fn(struct request *req, struct bio *bio, unsigned int nr_segs)

	if (req->cmd_flags & REQ_ATOMIC) {
		if (rq_straddles_atomic_write_boundary(req,
			0, bio->bi_iter.bi_size)) {
			return 0;

	return ll_new_hw_segment(req, bio, nr_segs);

I am quoting this from NVMe spec (Command Set Specification, revision 1.0a,

Section : "To ensure backwards compatibility, the values reported for

AWUN, AWUPF, and ACWU shall be set such that they  are  supported  even  if  a

write  crosses  an  atomic  boundary.  If  a  controller  does  not  guarantee

atomicity across atomic boundaries, the controller shall set AWUN, AWUPF, and

ACWU to 0h (1 LBA)."


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