Re: [PATCH v2 00/17] Update lpfc to revision

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On Wed, 31 Jan 2024 10:50:55 -0800, Justin Tee wrote:

> Update lpfc to revision
> This patch set contains fixes identified by static code analyzers, updates
> to log messaging, bug fixes related to discovery and congestion management,
> and clean up patches regarding the abuse of shost lock in the driver.
> The patches were cut against Martin's 6.9/scsi-queue tree.
> [...]

Applied to 6.9/scsi-queue, thanks!

[01/17] lpfc: Initialize status local variable in lpfc_sli4_repost_sgl_list
[02/17] lpfc: Fix possible memory leak in lpfc_rcv_padisc
[03/17] lpfc: Use sg_dma_len API to get struct scatterlist's length
[04/17] lpfc: Remove D_ID swap log message from trace event logger
[05/17] lpfc: Allow lpfc_plogi_confirm_nport logic to execute for Fabric nodes
[06/17] lpfc: Remove NLP_RCV_PLOGI early return during RSCN processing for ndlps
[07/17] lpfc: Fix failure to delete vports when discovery is in progress
[08/17] lpfc: Add condition to delete ndlp object after sending BLS_RJT to an ABTS
[09/17] lpfc: Save FPIN frequency statistics upon receipt of peer cgn notifications
[10/17] lpfc: Move handling of reset congestion statistics events
[11/17] lpfc: Remove shost_lock protection for fc_host_port shost APIs
[12/17] lpfc: Change nlp state statistic counters into atomic_t
[13/17] lpfc: Protect vport fc_nodes list with an explicit spin lock
[14/17] lpfc: Change lpfc_vport fc_flag member into a bitmask
[15/17] lpfc: Change lpfc_vport load_flag member into a bitmask
[16/17] lpfc: Update lpfc version to
[17/17] lpfc: Copyright updates for patches

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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