Re: [PATCH 25/26] block: Reduce zone write plugging memory usage

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On 2/5/24 15:55, Damien Le Moal wrote:
The array of struct blk_zone_wplug for the disk is sized for the total number of
zones of the drive. The reason for that is that we want to retain the wp_offset
value for all zones, even if they are not being written. Otherwise, everytime we
start writing a zone, we would need to do a report zones to be able to emulate
zone append operations if the drive requested that.

We do not need to track wp_offset for empty zones nor for full zones. The data
structure with plug information would become a lot smaller if it only tracks
information for zones that are neither empty nor full. If a zone append is
submitted to a zone and no information is being tracked for that zone, we can
initialize wp_offset to zero. That may not match the actual write pointer if
the zone is full but that shouldn't be an issue since write appends submitted
to a zone that is full fail anyway.



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