Re: [PATCH v3 00/15] block atomic writes

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On 29/01/2024 06:18, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
Do you have a git tree with all patches somewhere?

Hi Christoph,

Please let me know if you had a chance to look at this series or what your plans are.

BTW, about testing, it would be good to know your thoughts on power-fail testing.

I have done much testing for ensuring that writes are properly issued to HW with no undesired splitting/merging, etc for normal operation. I have also tested crashing the kernel only to see if atomic writes get corrupted. This all looks ok.

About PF testing, I have an NVMe M.2 drive, but it supports just 4K nawupf. In addition, unfortunately the port on my machine does not allow me to power it off, so I need to plug out the power cable to test PF :(

We do also support atomic writes on our SCSI storage servers, but it is not practically possible to PF them.

For actual PF testing, I have been using fio in crc64 verify mode with a couple of tweaks to support atomic writes.

What I find from limited testing for XFS and bdev atomic writes on that NVMe card is that indeed 4K writes are PF-safe, but 16K (this is an arbitrary large block size which I chose) is not. But I think all cards will be 4K PF safe, even if not declared.


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