Re: [PATCH 06/26] block: Introduce zone write plugging

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On 2/1/24 23:30, Damien Le Moal wrote:
The next plugged BIO is unplugged and issued once the write request completes.

So this patch series is orthogonal to my patch series that implements zoned
write pipelining?

This mechanism allows to:
  - Untangles zone write ordering from block IO schedulers. This allows

Untangles -> Untangle

Zone write plugging is implemented using struct blk_zone_wplug. This
structurei includes a spinlock, a BIO list and a work structure to

structurei -> structure

This ensures that at any time, at most one request (blk-mq devices) or
one BIO (BIO-based devices) are being executed for any zone. The
handling of zone write plug using a per-zone plug spinlock maximizes
parrallelism and device usage by allowing multiple zones to be writen

parrallelism -> parallelism

simultaneously without lock contention.

This is not correct. Device usage is not maximized since zone write bios
are serialized. Pipelining zoned writes results in higher device

+	/*
+	 * For BIOs handled through a zone write plugs, signal the end of the

plugs -> plug

+#define blk_zone_wplug_lock(zwplug, flags) \
+	spin_lock_irqsave(&zwplug->lock, flags)
+#define blk_zone_wplug_unlock(zwplug, flags) \
+	spin_unlock_irqrestore(&zwplug->lock, flags)

Hmm ... these macros may make code harder to read rather than improve
readability of the code.



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