blktests failures with v6.8-rc1 kernel

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Hi all,

I ran the latest blktests (git hash: 4f6b3fc593bf) with the v6.8-rc1 kernel.
I observed three failures below, which are known for months.

Compared with the v6.7 kernel [1], there is no new failure. Also, the failure of
nvme/003 is no longer observed :) Thank you for the fix.


List of failures
#1: block/011
#2: nvme/* (fc transport)
#3: srp/002, 011 (rdma_rxe driver)

Failure description

#1: block/011

   The test case fails with NVME devices due to lockdep WARNING "possible
   circular locking dependency detected". Reported in Sep/2022 [2]. In LSF
   2023, it was noted that this failure should be fixed. A RFC fix patch was
   posted recently [3]. It still needs more discussion to be fixed.


#2: nvme/* (fc transport)

   With the trtype=fc configuration, tests run on the nvme test group hang.
   Daniel is driving fix work.

#3: srp/002, 011 (rdma_rxe driver)

   Test process hang is observed occasionally. Reported to the relevant mailing
   lists in Aug/2023 [4]. Blktests was modified to change the default driver
   from rdma_rxe to siw to avoid impacts on blktests users. The root cause is
   not yet understood.


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