Re: [PATCH v7 00/19] Pass data lifetime information to SCSI disk devices

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On 12/18/23 13:56, Bart Van Assche wrote:
Hi Martin,

UFS vendors need the data lifetime information to achieve good performance.
Providing data lifetime information to UFS devices can result in up to 40%
lower write amplification. Hence this patch series that adds support in F2FS
and also in the block layer for data lifetime information. The SCSI disk (sd)
driver is modified such that it passes write hint information to SCSI devices
via the GROUP NUMBER field.

Please consider this patch series for the next merge window.

Thank you,


Changes compared to v6:
  - Dropped patch "fs: Restore F_[GS]ET_FILE_RW_HINT support".

That leaves us with F_SET_RW_HINT and F_GET_RW_HINT ioctls. Could you please
explain, perhaps with an example, what functionality is lost and what we still

I built the v6 patchset atop Martin's 6.8/scsi-queue branch and it built clean.
My experience with "rc1" branches on my working laptop has been a bit less than
ideal. So also built the v6 patchset atop linux_stable around last Monday and
have been running that without issues on my laptop for a week. Haven't updated
my  linux-stable to lk 6.7.0-rc6 yet but don't expect issues with the v7

Doug Gilbert


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