[Bug 217599] Adaptec 71605z hangs with aacraid: Host adapter abort request after update to linux 6.4.0

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--- Comment #49 from Maxim (leyyyyy@xxxxxxxxx) ---
I used 2 raid arrays:

- RAID0 with 8 SATA drives (8x4TB)
- RAID0 with 2 SATA drives (2x16TB)

Both was with LUKS and Ext4/BTRFS (tried both) on that moment.

To reproduce it I just started copying files from one array (2nd one) to
another using some file manager like Midnight Commander.

During copying it can process some amount of data before problem happens and
message appears in dmesg output. When it happens copying becomes slow, all
hangs, and finally the copying is rejected.

btrfs scrub gives similar result, it says that data is corrupt after starting
scanning (maybe 200-300 GB is scanned OK before it happens).

It is single CPU system, I never used multi-socket MB in in such scenarios.

I do not think you need fio, I think you need to move a lot of data to array
(for example big media files, VM images, backup files and so on).

2nd time when I got the same issue was different system, and it is also copying
of data from RAID0 10x1TB SSD to RAID0 6x8TB HDD (LUKS and BTRFS).


I do not think it is hardware issue because on old kernels it works fine with
the same settings of the array. If FS is not damaged I can just boot in older
kernel and all will work fine on the same file system. Usually FS will not be
damaged if you not try to repair it by fsck.ext2 using problematic aacraid

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